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UC Irvine applications up 9 percent

IRVINE – Orange County's UC campus maintained its place as the fourth most popular in the system this year, with the number of students applying to UC Irvine climbing 9.1 percent, to an all-time high of 76,235.

Freshmen applicants seeking admission to UCI this fall rose 11 percent, while transfer student applications rose 1 percent, according to application data released Friday by the University of California.

The most popular UC campuses by number of applications received, in order, were: UCLA, with 99,559 applications; Berkeley, 83,640; and San Diego, 82,391. Santa Barbara trailed just behind UCI, with 76,039 applications.

UC's systemwide applications climbed by 8.6 percent this year, to an all time high of 174,767 applicants. The average California student applied to four of UC's nine undergraduate campuses.

The record number of applications has come after years of UC tuition increases. Undergraduate tuition, at $12,192 annually, is nearly double what it was seven years ago.

UC lauded the application numbers, noting they were "demonstrating again the high demand for a UC education among the state's students."

UC officials on Thursday pledged not to raise tuition again this fall if Gov. Jerry Brown's funding proposals for UC materialize.

Among students seeking admission as freshmen, out-of-state applicants to UCI rose by 23 percent this year, to 3,087, while the number of international freshmen applicants climbed 66 percent, to 7,399.

UCI freshmen applicants from California held relatively steady, growing 6 percent to 50,133.

Only about one in three California applicants can expect to be admitted to UCI as a freshman this fall, based on last year's in-state admission rate of 34 percent.

However, UCI admission rates last year were higher for non-California freshmen applicants, hovering around 55 percent for both out-of-state and international students.

UC officials reported Friday that Hispanic students eclipsed Asians this year as the largest ethnic group seeking freshmen admission to the UC system. Hispanic students are the largest ethnic group among the state's high school graduates.

But the trend did not hold at UCI, where Asian applicants remained the dominant ethnic group, accounting for 42 percent of applications vs. 31 percent for Hispanics. White students made up 18 percent of UCI freshmen applicants.

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